STRUCTURE AND RULES (Applicable to Both Categories):

  • Warm-Up:

The event organizer will choose the music.

Duration: All dancers will have a 45-second warm-up; all dancers will dance simultaneously. Note: This segment is non-competitive; neither judging nor points will be awarded.

  • First Round:

After the warm-up, the battle begins. Each dancer will individually and alternately dance to the selected music for 45 seconds. Judges will select 16 dancers to advance to the next round.

  • Second Round:

After the selection, dancers will be paired randomly, taking turns showcasing their dance skills for 45 seconds. Judges will decide which dancer advances to the next round.

  • Semifinals:

In this round, the remaining 8 dancers are divided into pairs randomly. The dance continues for 1 minute for each contestant. After this round, four dancers remain.

  • Finals:

In the finals, the remaining 2 pairs of dancers compete in one-on-one battles. The losers of the semifinals then compete against each other in a one-on-one battle for 3rd place, while the winners of the semifinals compete against each other in a one-on-one battle for 1st place.



Points: No numerical points will be assigned by the judges.

Decision: Judges will express their decisions by a show of hands towards the dancer.

A unanimous decision is reached when the majority of judges (3 out of 5) point to a specific dancer.

Additional Information:

Each dancer will have their start number attached to their costume/shirt. The start number must be attached to the front side.